Téma: I'd love it if only individuals who've actually fought them

I have 2 questions. 1. Can it be faster for me to law craft using the abyss or regular crafting and teleing RuneScape gold into draynor using the glory amulet? 2. If I would use the abyss, what if my outfit be not to be hit a lot by the abyssal creatures? At 94 cb, you should be fine to go in with pretty much nothing on, as you can not wear a whole lot in to entrana anyway. You might get hit for some damage, but nothing that you can't endure and eat in the bank before another run. Since you can not take a pickaxe, and both your agility and theiving are a little low, I'd suggest using a tinderbox to burn away the stalks, since that is undoubtedly your best opportunity to get from the interior ring. If you've got the bracelet for your abyss, then sporting that would definitely help, since your pray won't be drained.

One thing that is kinda new that I will suggest is if a summoning is high enough (which I see is not rated ) is to utilize an abyssal recognizable as you move in. The large advantage for this is it will take a lot fo the hits as you run through the abyss to the suitable place to acquire in the inner ring, but in addition, it can carry 7 more ess. Assuming you have 3 pouches with you, that means 50 legislation runes a run, which isn't bad in any way. It's just 7 ess a jog, but it adds up, and the damage it offsets can help. I have tried both draynor extensively and abyss. Abyss is ALWAYS faster. Draynor/Entrana just in the event that you forget your attractiveness, or possess none billed anymore.

I have been down before, however, I had been fighting waterfiends in the time (that I eventually ended up cancelling). However, I have these issues: 1 ). Should I have any different strategy than what I use for additional metallic dragons, except I understand I will need food because they vary their attacks b/t mage along with melee. If this is the case, what armor recommendations which are not anticipated should I wear? 2. Can a dfs actually make a difference , or would getting one just indicate another product I would be losing when I expire? 3. Since they switch their attacks, should I protect from melee, or by mage? I'm assuming melee, however I do not know how strong their mage strikes are. 4. If I made a decision to shield from mage, if I use better armor, like torags instead of proselyte for greater defense, and give up the pray bonus? 5. Should I just cancel the task, and return to him and hope I do not get something worse? (it is only 4 mith drags) And I really don't wish to visit anyone else cause it is my 35th job in a row, so I must be getting decent bonus reward points for the endeavor.

I'd love it if only individuals who've actually fought them reacted to this. Last thing I want is advice from somebody whose dragon experience just comes from Elvarg. I know you wanted someone with experience with them, which I've none. However, I really don't know if this info can help you whatsoever. It'll attack with variety, magical, or melee. The suggested strategy would be to range it, while protecting from variety, and sporting Karil's armour. This will eliminate the melee attack and the range attack, and severely lower the magical attack (because of your high magic defence bonus). Using a buy OSRS gold rune crossbow with mithril or bolts that are higher is very effective.