Téma: How do I troubleshoot my Canon wireless printer?

In order to troubleshoot Canon wireless printers, the easiest and quickest way is to use the Canon Printer Support which is similar to the Canon Support Assistant. To identify if the problem lies with the wireless network try connecting it with the USB cable. If the printer works right after connecting with the USB cable, it means something is wrong. You can also find the right spot to locate your printer. It should be located close to the Wireless network so that it can catch the signals easily. Try to check the printer queue. Sometimes, the print job with an error can be holding up the line. In that case, you just need to cancel the print job and try to print again. Always confirm that your device is connected through the right network. If the issue persists, dial the Canon Printer Support Number.


Válasz: How do I troubleshoot my Canon wireless printer?

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