Téma: I appreciate this game and what it's done for my mother

Same, but I do wish there was more to acbells do out of decorating. I enjoyed going to the city in ACCF and surfing all the shops. There is no true equal now... just nook's with literally 5 full items, and ables sisters.

It's high hopes but I'd love for some sort of"high end resort island" to be included, and you can go there to get a few additional shops that are missing.I had an idea that Kapp'n could be the captain of a cruise ship, and it would have stores like Dr. Shrunk's club along with Harriet's salon. It would basically combine Kapp'n's part in previous games together with The City and Main Street

I still play a decent bit I'd love for there to be more to do outside of terraforming and decorating. Because that side of the game is amazing, but the"jump on and run around since I like my island as is" facet of the match is fairly lackluster imo

I've been a participant for many 30 years of my life. My mother was a part of me getting every console from NES to my PS5. I got her creature crossing for Xmas (well, the change along with a guarantee of the match ).

While she's never been a gamer, she'd play sometimes when I was younger (tmnt and Mario on nes, Tony Hawk and tekken on Playstation...) and never did really good. She has played animal crossing every single moment. She retired early bc of the pandemic and wellness issues, and I can see her escaping issues from the match.

I can't even explain how much I appreciate this game and what it's done for my mother. I finally feel as though I have given some of the enjoyment she has helped me with my entire life. It warms my heart every time I see her pick up her switch.Can't imagine how I would've gone through 9 months at home without this game

You tend to matters daily to make it look the way you want. There are games that I crush games and through I take my time on. For buy Animal Crossing Items example Witcher and monster hunter are good slow games, Mario and lego games are good to go ham on