Téma: How To Fix Quickbooks Not Opening Company File?

There are times when QuickBooks users face issues while opening a company file. It could be due to various reasons. No need to worry. If the message on your computer screen says, “The file specified cannot be opened. Make sure it is not currently being used by another program or is a read-only file.”. “The Windows error is ‘The File exists’. OK” Sometimes the user keeps clicking OK more than 10-20 times, the messages reappear. Then you are left with no other resort than to open task manager and quit Quickbooks.
There could be multiple reasons why you are facing this error. We are here to resolve this issue. Read on:
•    Run QuickBooks software as Administrator.
•    Verify and check the system date/time settings.
•    Put Windows permissions to QuickBooks installation folders.
If you want to know further details, please call QuickBooks customer service number for instant help and expert guidance.
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