Téma: Start April With Tons of Value From Omni Casino

April is the beginning of spring and warmer weather, and Omni Casino understands that players really like getting out and about during this time of year. They want to make sure you have plenty of options for getting your bankroll boosted as well. On March 30, you'll be able to use the T300 promo code to get a 100 percent match on your first deposit of the day with a minimum deposit of $10. You'll get up to $300 worth of value on this offer, and it has a 25x play-through requirement.

Moving along to March 31, you can use the MAR31 code to get yet another bonus, but this one depends on how much you deposit. Deposit less than $50 to get 50 percent added on. Deposits of $50 to $99 get 100 percent, and making it $100 or more will get you a flat $150 bonus offer for a 150 percent match up to $150. This deal has a slightly larger 30x wagering requirement, and you can only use one of these bonuses on your first deposit of the day to end the month of March on a strong note.

Starting April up the right way is easy with the FOOLS promo code. It's only available on April 1, but this isn't an April Fools joke. When you use this bonus code, you'll get another chance at a 100 percent match bonus. This one is worth up to $200, and you can redeem it once with a minimum deposit of $10. This offer has a 25x wagering requirement, and like all of the bonuses listed here, it has to be played on Asian games, scratch cards, keno and online slots. The play-through is on both the bonus and the deposit amounts.

Omni Casino is known for being one of the most loved casino sites running today. They've been around for a long time, and their history of giving players great daily values and monthly promotions goes back for a long time as well. Their use of the Playtech online casino software is a good example of how being reliable and offering a wide range of high-quality games is the winning formula for players in 2015. Take advantage of the multiple bonus offers going today and make sure that your bankroll gets topped off to maximize your opportunities to win.
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Válasz: Start April With Tons of Value From Omni Casino

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Válasz: Start April With Tons of Value From Omni Casino

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