Téma: Common Microsoft Word Errors While Opening a File

This is the not unusual place Microsoft phrase blunders that customers face. as soon as deciding to open a report a blunder message is displayed: Microsoft Word veteran a blunder while making a try and open the report. This blunders message will ask you to peer the report permission and consequently the pressure area on your PC.
This blunders message happens after you try and switch the MS Word report from one PC to a specific one. The built-in protection in MS Word not able to open the report from an untrusted source.

Solution: office.com/setup

Follow the stairs to restore these Microsoft phrase blunders:

•    Go to the Word report vicinity on your disk
•    Right-click on the Word report and click on properties
•    Click on unblock option

This will remedy the MS Word report now no longer establishing blunders.

There turned into a hassle sending the command to the program

This blunders message shows for your display screen as soon as making a try and opens a report and it maintains you a way to get entry to that report.

•    Navigate your computer C: Program Files Microsoft Office 15rootoffice15
•    Right-click on the extension and choose properties
•    Click at the compatibility tab and untick all boxes

Now, open MS Word again. This time you won’t see this mistake message.

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