Téma: How to generate revenue from the TikTok clone app?

When an app gets attention from a wide range of audiences, there are numerous ways to generate revenue. The most interesting part is that you earn more money compared to the money you invest for developing the TikTok clone app. It is up to your choice to prefer which monetization strategy you are going to follow. Some of the common income generating strategies are given below

In-app advertisements - Allowing third-parties to display their ads on your app (for their promotion). Thereby, you can charge them.

Subscription-based model - Allow the customers to subscribe to your app for a particular service. So that they can avail some more benefits with the subscription.

Service charge -  You can charge some amount of money for every service the customer avails using your app.

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Válasz: How to generate revenue from the TikTok clone app?

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