Téma: Finding a Doctor

Put the odds in your loved one’s favor. When the person in your care has a medical issue, you want a first-rate specialist with experience and a great track record. But everyone looks professional in a lab coat. How can you tell a top doc from one the state medical board has put on probation?

Without research, you can’t.

There is no national public record that reveals which doctors have been disciplined or are among the 1 percent of U.S. doctors responsible for 32 percent of malpractice payouts. A doctor disciplined in one state may be practicing in another https://nicelocal.ca/. And doctors on probation are not obliged to tell patients. Here’s how to make sure your loved one is in competent hands.

Step 1. Shop around
Ask the care recipient’s general practitioner and other doctors to recommend a local specialist.
Talk to friends, neighbors and people in your caregiver’s support group who have faced the same medical issue. Their stories — good or bad — will be useful.
Most city magazines have an annual issue on the area’s best doctors. It’s always worth a read.