Téma: Super attractive 1v1 battle shooting simulator

1v1 battle is a first-person shooter game that brings you the experience of fighting enemies in a virtual world, that can be played against players from around the world in multiplayer mode. Pick your favorite weapon and skill and turn on the auto-match to find opponents anywhere. Whether you want to shoot cops, gangsters, or zombies, it's up to you. We have plenty of maps for you to choose from and customize your weapons too. You'll need real accuracy and fast reflexes in this game. The game is available for free on google play store and apple app store.

Features of https://1v1-battle.com:

    + Quick match setup; Search for a 1v1 multiplayer PVP match against real players within seconds.
    + Shooting training - train combat skills with various weapons like: shotguns, sniper rifles and many more in the shooting simulator.
    + Training tricks, master your photography techniques.
    + Construction training - help improve your construction skills without being hit by enemy fire.
    + AAAA quality graphics and exciting gameplay.

Let's become the strongest warrior with 1v1 Battle today!