Téma: Detect dangerous impostors

Are you into any multiplayer games?
Surprisingly most people play impostor
Role-playing multiplayer games are leading the trend! Find out which impostors are hiding in the nooks and crannies or they are wildly killing your teammates.


On a spaceship surrounded by boundless darkness, a fierce war for survival is happening between protagonist and impostor. You have to kill or be killed. You will be randomly chosen to be either a hero or a murder.

If you’re player, you will use your judgment to identify and exterminate impostor. There is an impostor among them and they need to remain careful. They should know about void rooms, and be prepared for an assault when left alone with another person, imagine a scenario where that somebody is the impostor.
The Impostor needs to murder everybody and will persevere relentlessly, regardless of whether it implies subverting the boat. He is sly and slippery. He can cover up in dull corners and sit tight for his casualty, or unexpectedly leap out of a ventilation shaft and assault from behind. It is hard to distinguish him among the group individuals, except if he commits an error. 

Inversely, what will you do to kill everyone to become a win impostor? Do not be certain that hero is always the winner, may be you will do better as a murder, a murder in silence. A game without weapons based on intelligence, a perfect online version off well-know “Wolf Man” game will give players an impressive experience. Key Highlights Play as impostor in a fan game motivated by Among Us. Be clever, try not to get uncovered and manage the group individuals. All things considered, they all should bite the dust. Furthermore, you should stay the solitary survivor.


Válasz: Detect dangerous impostors

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