Téma: Acrylic rod is a kind of excellent plastic rod

Acrylic rod is a kind of excellent plastic rod, which is made by extrusion or casting process, also known as "plexiglass rod" or "lucite rods ". It is a common substitute for glass rods because it is crystal clear, light weight, more resistant to breakage, easy to bond, manufacture, shape or CNC turning. Otherwise, acrylic rods can be transparent, colored, fluorescent and customized colors. Cross sections can be circles, triangles, squares, hexagons, and custom shapes.

As a flexible plastic rod, acrylic rod provides 10 times the impact strength of the equivalent glass rod, but only half the weight. At the same time, it has excellent chemical resistance, UV resistance and weather resistance, so acrylic rod is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, such as stair handrail shaft, acrylic curtain rod, acrylic dowel bar, acrylic curtain rod, acrylic furniture, etc.

The common processing methods include cutting, polishing, bending, gluing, coating, numerical control processing, printing, hanging molding, injection molding, blow molding, etc.

Main advantages of acrylic bar:

The strength of acrylic rod is 15 times that of glass rod, but its weight is only half that of glass rod;

Wide range of color selection, easy to make people bright in front of their eyes;

Excellent UV resistance and weather resistance, can be used indoor and outdoor;

Acrylic bar is a great plastic bar that provides better design flexibility;

Easy to bond, process, shape or CNC turning, polishing, thread tapping;

Not exceeding 300 mm in diameter;

Customized shape, such as triangle, square, hexagon;

Machinable acrylic rod;

There are enough standard acrylic rods in stock for quick delivery;

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