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For optimal gut health, there must a balance between different types of bacteria in the gut. When a person’s gut loses this balance (dysbiosis), certain types of bacteria can overgrow and lead to serious complications. IF has shown promising results in helping maintain gut balance by keeping different types of gut bacteria in check.
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So the benefits are CRAZY, almost too good to be true. Try it for yourself - you’ll see what the people are buzzing about.
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Increased production of Human Growth Hormone. That means better regeneration, less muscle loss, and more muscle growth. Less risk for neurological diseases. Less risk for Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and so on.
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✔️ Productivity. Without the constant rises and crashes in blood sugar, your energy levels remain much more stable throughout the day, keeping you more productive.
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Increases insulin sensitivity. High insulin sensitivity allows the cells of the body to use blood glucose more effectively, reducing blood sugar.
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✔️Reduces insulin resistance. If you have high insulin resistance, the cells do not absorb as much glucose, which might lead to excessively high blood sugar levels. Without management, this can progress to type 2 diabetes.
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The best diet for a healthy living paradoxically is not a diet - it’s a lifestyle. Health is not a thing you do once and forget about it. Being healthy is a continuous process. Sure, you could go an a super healthy diet, but chances are, that you’ll keep at it for a month or two, fail, and relapse.

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Indeed, there is, and it’s called Intermittent Fasting. Intermittent fasting centers around a pattern of eating and fasting periods, that is, times when you don’t eat. Intermittent fasting is when you allow yourself to eat only during a specified window of time each day.
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