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If a user is unable to enter the web menu of the setup.ampedwireless.com window, it may be a possible reason that you are typing incorrect login details on the Amped router login window. A user should be careful while typing in the login details as both the fields of the Amped router login window is case-sensitive. Make sure to hold the Shift key whenever you want to type an uppercase letter.

https://1921681240setup.com/amped-ac-26 … eless-com/

Users are recommended to change the MTU (Maximum Transfer Unit) level of their router when they face the sudden loss in data connection and slow data transfer issues. Most of the users keep the default value of their MTU as the fixed MTU level of their Dlink router. Users can change the MTU value of their Dlink router through the dlinkrouter.local management window.

https://dlinkfirmwareupdate.net/firmwar … ter-local/