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Hey Hello, I had a big show my classmate then I will told them what I would do it if you with my boyfriend light with their Singh stuff but I was so it is my classmate filmyhit honour smartphone the following Monday my two classmate him up to me and said I can you do your homework I was doing Re atom and I told them that changed on earth am I doing that but then they said that if I didn't homework they would you everyone the video that taken up me at the body including my crush Ban I can't believe it I will source of the day have the audacity tell me and now they were blackmailing me in me and I did their homework even the power within the next week 1 November up to me again and this time she said ok you have tell me tomorrow Anna physics exam if I don't has I would have to repeat the whole year so I want to write down the correct answers on a piece of paper and hide them Under The Banyan try the battery and explain to that I couldn't was doing that because if I forgot I would get an app on my exam and then I couldn't go to my dream University after High School but instead of being considerate to just give me a wicked smile in said she could send the video everyone in a matter of seconds how does a pig mistake because even though I am a so vikaral

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I can also buy back when the sexy girlent of it is saying there want to the principal and hold about my class and how she was reading me with the video she taken as me by MKS myself in fact I have requested the conversation with my classmate on myself drishtidan blackmailing me the principal recording she told me Add me the right decision by telling and then we made a plan on the day of the exam I will be completely wrong answers on the face of taper when I ask my teacher is it go to the bathroom and that's why I left the answers under the burn when my classmate parvati answers my principal was hiding inside the toilet castor afterwards to propose a girl into a classroom in said I just wanted to notify you when I got this feeling inside the battery aftv people sing the exam that pressure to the rest exam I was so nervous I could be really right right thing would my classmate show my and their Singh video everyone that same there want to the principal office again and sweet home me the my classmate had been suspended in definitely from your school and parents would like to see deleted the video in didn't share with anyone but it anyway she was so mad at me that she published on face but he was humiliating in my whole School Tommy talking about my classmate Ban and

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