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I was how many years old and I haven't seen my parents ever since eyeliner is butterfly with going somewhere here you can probably imagine my parents and never love me very much is 200 the times better than my uncle he was a cold and emotion was man people even I am now it's my existence give me to clean the bachelor washes clothes I was so desperate for some time of connection the my stuffed animal of Steel pk my best friend I talk to him per hours because I am no one else you love me my uncle of 7% me a preschool and pending of whole year now leaving my uncle is the permanent in eating the rest APIs Mel one. I couldn't take it anymore I need someone to talk to an WhatsApp side I will call me 9 and Harry Potter son my son my skin and more than 12 months overwhelmed in scared by Albino is found at one point a Modelman approach me and active I need help I responded I am ok but you didn't believe me probably because I had in wash my hair closer weeks I must woodwork admin how much years he ask me where my parents that will think that really Messi III is found out of living with my uncle and sexy girldy had intake inappropriate near of me that's why the Modelman the headcount me Brahmi into an opponent before he left you promised me that since someone Vitamin a direct me and that
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