Téma: I believe that is par for the course to the popular versions

The Playground being even worse for 2K21 MT load times, with laggy functionality makes it pretty much unusable, even as part of MyCareer.It is indeed great to see people are talking about that. I delivered a tweet some time back and Stadia advised me my concern to 2K. I figured that since I'm just one individual that 2K would not care. What 2K is doing is completely shameful. They will need to fix the game.

I can't agree more with the other users on here. The simple fact that these rosters are updated is a deplorable. It's totally insane!Why is everyone referring to roster upgrades? The god damn game isn't even playable. It's a pile of reeking crap. I bought it for 10 bucks and feel ripped off.

Side note didn't know this many people were on stadia. If only we had a functioning version of 2k, the number of games that could happen on stadia will be immense!I had a bug today where I had been supposed to be in the dunk contest, then when I clicked on the match, it says I am not participating. Why would I get text messages , and folks on twitter saying I am in it if I am not? Much like All Star game, I was on the board for the game, but has been told I'm not in the match? I can not even collect my endorsement VC, because I can't go to the neighborhood. It stinks anytime I try to proceed. My character remains in his OG street clothes

I believe that is par for the course to the popular versions of EA games, the Switch variant is also gimped right?Never played with any NBA2K match, but I have never heard a single good thing about some of these. So can't say I'm surprised tbh.I have not bought the game since I heard I bad it had been on Stadia, however I would have loved to.

Would be good if email contacts have been shared, so we can coordinate a mass mailing of critics.Want to play Uno, get the deck of Buy MT 2K21 cards Want to play a racing game, take your car to the track Want to play with a shooter game, play paintball