Téma: How can I manually setup AOL or AIM email account on my DROID 4?

We have listed both IMAP and POP3 set-up for AOL.com and Aim.com email providers. Use only AOL server names for AOL accounts and only AIM server names for AIM email accounts; port numbers and security are the same for both providers.
To setup AOL/AIM as an IMAP account via aol mail login:

To setup AOL or AIM  once you have already set-up your phone, follow directions below. If you are adding the account during your phone's initial startup, skip down to Set-up account menu (Instruction #3).

    Open Applications tray, tap My Accounts
    Select Add Account
    You will be at the Set Up Accounts menu with several other social network icons. 
    Select Email Accounts
    Select AOL
    Enter your full AOL/AIM email address, including "@aol.com" or "@aim.com" domain name in all lower case.
    Enter AOL/AIM password.
    Tap on Next. phone will connect to your email server and state "Success!" if account was set-up correctly.