Téma: as well as small parcels in administration

AT100100 Excellent Dual Energy Security X-ray Device and Baggage & Luggage Scanner -
Biggest Maker with CE, FCC, FDA authorized
AT100100 X-ray Baggage scanner is a new type of reliability inspection equipment that purposes X-ray to penetrate and also check baggage and products without unpacking examination. It is applicable for security inspections on briefcases, parcels, sole mail, hand luggage, as well as small parcels in administration agencies, transportation, logistics, courts, procuratorate, prisons, embassies, producers, schools, hospitals, gymnasiums, event halls, and entertainment settings etc.

AT100100 belongs towards Windows product family, that is totally designed and manufacturer by our own company. Every year, we invest a large amount of labors and resources in the introduction of new technology and styles. We own all the particular copyrights and patents, in the outlook design to this software. Safeway system is market trends leader and one of several very few companies in China who can creat the new things as opposed to COPY.
Product highlights
Multilingual surgery
Automatic built in examination and self diagnosis
Safe and sound access Key
Uninterruptable electrical power supply (UPS)
Threat warn and material classification
Vehicle archiving
Energy saving design
One key let down
Drugs and explosives inspection
Indication of the particular date and time
baggage counter-top
X Ray Baggage Code reader Manufacturer

Currently, we get 1000 employees, 5 R&D clubs, including 11 Doctors as well as 46 masters. We have developed many group of products by ourselves like: X Ray Scanning Programs, Metal Detector, Explosive in addition to Narcotics Detector, Dangerous Water Scanner, Vehicle Inspection Techniques. We have more compared to 35 models of security products with our personal patents and copyrights. In 2016, we developed the complete product line of Linux procedure based x-ray baggage scanning devices, being the first one in China which are capable of produce high quality Linux process x-ray scanners. Meanwhile, we’re making efforts to provide a complete range with advanced vehicle X-ray scanning systems worthy of ports, borders and homeland safety.
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