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Q How to obtain products?
A Send issue with detailed product outline or with Model variety. If there is no packing requirement, we will take it as sea-way packaging. If possible, please attach a reference picture to avoid any misunderstanding or any kind of links form our website for we obtain better understanding.
Q Is the best company a distributor or even a manufacterer?
A Yse, We are a professional Rock Parts manufacterer SX BITS throughout China.
Q How concerning your products?
A Without a doubt, All of our weight training are accredited to ISO9001: 2015,both in new product lines, at the same time,mature production technology ensuring the standard satisfy international request. You'll find many high quality items.
Q What is this Packaging&Delivery?
A We used top quality export cartons or typical export wooden cases.
Q When may be the time about delivery?
A The lead time rely on quantity of order. Normally shipped by sea, small order or urgen order you can sed you by air flow after received your arrangement. According the distance form China towards your port, usually form Cina to European about 30 days. To West connected with American 20 days.
Q Tips on how to order products?
A Give inquiry with detailed merchandise description or with Unit number. If there is actually no packing requirement, we are going to take it as sea-way taking. If possible, please attach a reference picture in order to avoid
A drag bit is really a drill bit usually suitable for use in soft formations just like sand, clay, or a variety of soft rock. However, they are going to not work well inside coarse gravel or very difficult rock formations. Uses comprise drilling water wells, exploration, geothermal, environmental and seek drilling.
Types of Lug Bits
Step Type Move Bits:
They are primarily made for soft to medium formations.
Three-Wing as well as Four-Wing:
Three-wing bits are inclined to drill faster whereas four-wing bits are are more durable, more durable, and exercise a straighter hole.
Chevron Variety Drag Bits:
Chevron-Type drag bits are generally recommended for drilling in slightly harder and more consolidated materials than step-type drag bits like hard shales, limestones, plus tougher gravels.

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