Téma: How to Activate Roku Using Roku.com/link and Roku Activation Code?

Below is a step by step Guide to Setup and Activate Roku using the Roku.com/link:
1.    By pressing the home button, turn on the Roku TV and Roku streaming device.
2.    Connect it to the internet using WiFi.
3.    Launch the TV screen.
4.    Users will receive a Roku Activation Code.
5.    Under that very activation code, you can find the activation link, which would be URL roku.com/link.
6.    Open the web browser on the computer and type the URL for the Roku device activation.
7.    Use of Google Chrome as the browser is recommended.
8.    Enter the activation code and log in to your previously created Roku account.
9.    Now your Roku device has been activated.