Téma: Application of graphene based film in high temperature graphitization

Application of graphene based film in high temperature graphitization furnace in thermal management

From the perspective of practical application, graphene produced by high temperature graphitization furnace needs to contact with substrate. Therefore, reducing the contact thermal resistance between graphene film and substrate is a problem that must be considered in the application of graphene thermal management. The van der Waals force between single or few layers of graphene and substrate can ensure good thermal coupling between graphene and substrate. However, due to the large thickness of graphene film, heat transfer from substrate to graphene film is far from enough.

Due to the low volume and thermal conductivity, the traditional thermal conductive adhesive between the substrate and the heat sink can not meet the needs of practical application. Covalent bond and other methods must be used to enhance the efficiency of heat transfer. Our team has done some exploratory work in this area, mainly using the method of introducing functional molecules at the interface between graphene film and silica. The experimental results show that the heat dissipation effect of the hot spot is nearly doubled after the introduction of functionalized molecules.

At present, high thermal conductivity and heat dissipation mainly rely on graphite film. From the perspective of industrialization, in order to enter the market, the performance of graphene film must be better than that of graphene film, and the price must be more advantageous. This is a great challenge to the industrialization of graphene film. However, once realized, graphene will probably enter a cooling application market with at least 2 billion high-power devices.

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