Téma: Advantages of high temperature sintering furnace sodium ion battery

Advantages of high temperature sintering furnace sodium ion battery

What are the advantages of sodium ion battery. Compared with lithium-ion battery, sodium ion battery has the following advantages:

1.The main results are as follows: 1. The raw materials of sodium salt are rich in reserves and low in price. Compared with the ternary cathode material of lithium-ion battery, the cost of raw materials is reduced by half;

2. Due to the characteristics of sodium salt, it is allowed to use low concentration electrolyte (with the same concentration electrolyte, the conductivity of sodium salt is about 20% higher than that of lithium electrolyte) to reduce the cost;

3. Sodium ion does not form alloy with aluminum, and aluminum foil can be used as collector for negative electrode, which can further reduce the cost by about 8% and the weight by about 10%;

4. Because the sodium ion battery has no over discharge characteristics, it is allowed to discharge to zero voltage. The energy density of sodium ion battery is more than 100wh / kg, which is comparable to that of lithium iron phosphate battery, but its cost advantage is obvious, and it is expected to replace the traditional lead-acid battery in large-scale energy storage.

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