Téma: www.amazon.com/mytv - enter code for activation

Amazon Prime incorporates many astonishing shows and movies, which you can notice throughout the day, however, the system to enroll through your sharp TV is a fairly interesting methodology. In any case, don't stress, we're here to help you.

Follow these straightforward Actions to sign in to your amazon prime records using your keen TV: amazon.com/code

First and foremost, switch in your Smart TV. On the landing page, visit your Amazon Prime App, or, even if you don't have it at that point download it straightforwardly in your program shop or play shop. Open the program and visit the sign-in other option. You'll get a code, investigate the site referred to with the code onto your cell phone or journal. Presently, enter the code and afterward click the information decision. You'll get a warning on your TV. Appreciate the marathon watching your number one shows.