Téma: How to forward AOL emails to another email?

Looking for the method to forward the emails in your AOL mail login inbox to another email account? Well, there are two ways through which this is possible. In AOL mail, there is a feature known as “auto-forward” which allows you to forward email from a particular sender to the desired mailbox. On the other hand, the second option is you can forward the available emails manually.
So, in this useful guide, we shall be discussing how you can use this feature of AOL mail to forward emails to three different email clients.
Set up AOL mail auto-forward for Gmail
1.    Open the inbox of your Gmail and click “Settings”
2.    Then, select the “Accounts” tab and choose “Add a POP3 mail account you own”
3.    Here, you need to input the AOL mail login email address and choose “Next”
4.    Next up, you have to choose settings for the sync purpose
5.    You can also choose to keep a copy on a Google server
6.    For this, select the "Leave a Copy of Retrieved Messages on the Server" option
7.    Again, select the “Add account” option