Téma: How can I make my Dream true

Hello everyone,
Recently, I was able to make my childhood dream come true by buying the Ecserin 1/20 size wooden sailboat bearing the name Goden Hind. Interestingly, instead of a pelican, a dragon adorns its nose, while a golden deer is painted on the back. A little worn, but nice work, whoever made it. I was happy to see the ( https://thoptvpc.com/jio-tv-for-pc-lapt … s-ipl-app/ )renovation, but I soon got stuck. The boat is incomplete (eg no stairs, ventilation openings, wall conetters, windows, etc.). One of the ropes on the Latin sail is 1.5 cm shorter and is torn off the hull of the ship. I don’t have a blueprint, and I haven’t seen a similarly detailed ship on the internet either.
I am looking for a helpful partner who is experienced in this subject.