Téma: How LED lights save energy?

If you’re still using old light technologies such as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, then LED lights can save you a lot of money. LED lights save your money in three basic ways.
Consumes less energy
Long lifespan
High brightness
LED lights use less electricity and according to figures, These lights compared to incandescent lights, use around 75% less energy. They give more brightness therefore you don’t have to install much of them. And also, they have longer lifespans. These are the basic reasons how LED lights save your energy and money.
How do LED lights change colors?
The colors of LED lights depend upon the different wavelengths of light that are produced by these lights. There are several different materials used in the production of these lights. Each material emits different wavelengths of light which causes different colors. Three basic colors are Red, Green and Blue are the base of all other colors. These colors are mixed to produce new colors.
How LED lights help the environment?
Old CFL street lights use mercury to produce light. This mercury converts into vapors when the bulb is ON. Mercury vapors are bad for our health and for the environment also. LED lights do not use mercury and don’t produce heat either. Therefore these lights don’t harm the environment. There are some other factors too that proves that led light are environment-friendly such as these lights use less energy which is obviously a plus point.
Why do LED lights flicker?
We think that only LED lights do flicker but this isn’t true. All light sources flicker whether they are CFLs or Incandescent. But we barely notice their flicker. All main power (AC) electric appliances  turn on and off around 50 to 60 times per second. This happens so fast that we can not see this in action. In old bulbs, we can’t notice its flicker because the filament inside it remains hot when it turns on and off quickly. That’s why we think it’s not flickering.
As led lights do not produce heat, they turn off quickly as power turns off, and turn on when the power turns on.
What are LED lights?
LED is a short form of Light Emitting Diode. These are basically semiconductor diodes through which when electricity passes, they produce visible light. Electrons in these diodes flow and recombine with the holes. This process releases energy in the form of photons which generate light. Led is composed of different materials depending on its color. As the light produced in semiconductors, LEDs are also known as solid-state devices.


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Válasz: How LED lights save energy?