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Aspadol is a prescription narcotic medicine. Doctors prescribe and administer it to patients with high pain severity and intensity, mainly to those people who have met with severe injury/accident or following an intense surgical procedure. In such cases, OTC pain relievers fail to assuage pain and provide relief effectively and timely. Therefore, for more intense pain relief, opioid narcotic medicine such as Aspadol is taken into use.
Aspadol is, at the core, Tapentadol. It is a highly potent analgesic available in immediate-release and extended-release formulations.
Here are the top five interesting facts about Aspadol you must know.
Rampant Recreational Use
Although only meant for prescription use, the recreational usage of Aspadol (Tapentadol) is very rampant. People take it to relax and enjoy themselves. Opioids provide extreme relief and pleasure when taken recreationally. The user experiences heightened states of relaxation and ecstasy when Tapentadol is used without a need for it.
Opioid at its core
Aspadol is a generic brand of Tapentadol which is essentially an opioid analgesic. Opioids are derived from certain poppy plants found in remote regions of the world. Opioids in their pure form are illegal to sell and use. In addition, most governments prohibit them in their original form.
More powerful than other pain relievers
Aspadol is many more times powerful than general pain relievers one can get from over the counter. When other pain relievers fail to provide pain relief, the medicine does its magic. Extreme and severe painful conditions require medicines like Tapentadol for their effective management. Aspadol, therefore, is one of the most popular and sought after pain analgesics.
US Food & Drug Administration Approved
Tapentadol in Aspadol got the green light from the US Food and Drug Administration in the year 2008 for general public use, provided that a doctor prescribes it. The FDA’s approval of Tapentadol ensures its safety and efficacy. Thus, Medication can be taken into use without any worry or concern.
New & Improved Version of Tramadol
Tapentadol is introduce to the world as a newer, better and improved form of Tramadol. Unlike Tramadol, Aspadol is not a pro-drug, which means that it does not require its metabolism by the liver to work. Instead, it is a direct-acting drug on the central nervous system. As a result, it alters how a person experiences pain, and pain perception alteration results in a person feeling little to no pain with medicine use.
Aspadol should only be taken with the prescription of a doctor. Furthermore, one should avoid its abuse and misuse at all costs as it can endanger lives if misused.
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Use Aspadol responsibly and say goodbye to pain forever.


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Válasz: Top 5 Interesting Facts about Aspadol

Aspadol is, at the core, Tapentadol. http://www.zhonghua19.tw/category.php?id=1