Téma: Japan to declare a state of emergency

The number of cases in the prefectures around Tokyo continues to rise. The Japanese government plans to declare a state of emergency in three provinces. Praying for people aged 40-50 to get vaccinated for coronavirus after more hospitalizations
NHK news agency reported that the Japanese government will declare a state of emergency in three prefectures aroundTokyo , Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa, tomorrow. After the number of COVID-19 patients Daily in the said province skyrocketed. especially in Kanagawa Prefecture with new cases surpassing 1,000, while Tokyo reported the numbercases yesterday.of Covid-19 Record-breaking new cases surpass 3,000. Local governments in the three provinces will petition the federal government to declare a state of emergency. Mr Yoshihide Suga, Prime Minister of Japan will consult with the Japanese Health Minister today by calculating the number of patient beds The decision to declare a state of emergencymore
the government has requestedcooperation from people aged between 40-50 years are vaccinated cattle bail-19. This is because the age group has been hospitalized more and more.
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