Téma: Make an unusual move that attracts attention to yourself

Talk to RuneScape Gold them and say "Are You Bots?" You will most likely get an answer although they might be talking (they are now equipped with chatbots). However, you can get an answer from a lot of bots. Ask them when they are banking, changing rocks or trees, and then confirm if they are botting. If the person you are asking does not respond, you can add 3 to the "suspicion meter".

Ask them a trick questions. Find out their mining level if they're fishing. Find out their magic level if they're mining. etc. You can add 1 to their suspicion gauge for every time they answer. Be sure to follow them around. Are they aware that you are following them? Add 4 points to your "suspicion gauge"

Analyze their pattern. Are they able to react right away after a tree has fallen or respawns? If so, add 2 to the suspicion meter. Examine their clicking habits. When they to bank their money, do they click in the exact same squares all the time? Add 4 points to the suspicion meter.

Make an unusual move that attracts attention to yourself. If someone doesn't respond or respond, they're either not responding or botting. Try whacking them with an easter carrot, or throw snowballs at them to see if they are able to provoke a response. Add 4 to your suspicion gauge.

Evaluate their score. If their suspicion score is not zero, they are not likely to be bots, however it could be. If the suspicion meter reads 1 they are most likely to be easily-tricked humans. They might be a bot, if their suspicion gauge reads 2, but it's possible that they are. If the suspicion meters reads 3, they might be either afk or are publicly off however it could indicate that they are a bot. If the suspicion meter is 4, it is probably a bot, however you don't have sufficient evidence to Buy OSRS Accounts prove it. be a good sign.