Téma: I will take a risk and express that NBA 2K21 on PS5

Despite the NBA's widespread popularity and its ubiquity, it's not immune struggles, especially in the ratings department. The average audience during the NBA Finals NBA 2K Coins, which featured the Los Angeles Lakers as well as the Miami Heat, was 7.5 million across six games. The figure is 51% lower than the NBA Finals 2019, where the Toronto Raptors overtook the Golden State Dynasty.

To give you some additional perspective to give you an additional perspective, Game 6 of 1998 NBA Finals was the most watched game ever in NBA history. It was the game where Michael Jordan won his sixth championship against Stockton and Malone Utah Jazz.

The game drew 35.9 million viewers. There are various theories about why the NBA's ratings are declining in the past, including its polarization, the dominance of LeBron and the coronavirus outbreak and the increasing popularity of "easy way out" teams, but these topics should be left to the viewers to discuss.

One thing is certain that is for sure. NBA fans love their drama Buy NBA 2K22 MT. The compelling storylines, like the ending of Jordan's career with the Bulls or the basketball team's epic comeback in 2016, the Cavaliers thrilling comeback against the Warriors and the showdown in 2010 between the Lakers and the Celtics are great TV and the ratings prove that.