Téma: I discovered it ever since I started Runescape years ago

It is crucial to know the way EoC was born. Its origins are the same as SoF, Solomon, etc. Players are required to play OSRS Items. One Jmod recently posted on forums that a poster had disclosed some bugs in BA. This was a great constructive feedback. Posters then commented that even though all these bugs had been identified and reported to Jagex but they were not included in the final cut.

So players weren't involved at the beginning, not until two years ago nor in the final phase. Runescape cannot exist without players. EVE Online doesn't, WoW doesn't. Both games provided me jaw-dropping services in comparison to Runescape.

So I don't worry about EVE or WoW surviving. "Because it's been proven to work. Runescape was never invented If that argument can be applied to the latest versions. MMOs have been around for 15 years. That's not much time to already have traditional panaceas.

Jagex is pursuing easy money. Unregulated gambling in a game with addictive qualities SoF is a perfect fit. It's a long-term game. It's not. It's not. Japan has been able to achieve this recently when they controlled their social gaming that also included gambling Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold. The gaming companies were almost all shut down. They didn't care about the games, only the money.