Téma: China launches national antitrust office

China opened a new national antitrust bureau on Thursday in the same building as the State Market Regulatory Authority (SAMR) in Beijing.State Council, Cabinet of China Announcing the appointment of Gan Lin as the head of the office on Monday.

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The newly established bureau will outline antitrust measures and guidelines. Organize antitrust enforcement work Guidance on fair competition audit work and promote international cooperation and exchanges in antitrust enforcement.

The move comes after China listed antitrust work as its main event for the year.

As of 2018, antitrust oversight has been integrated with SAMR, the country's leading market watchdog. which imposes administrative penalties on many companies including Internet giants Alibaba, Tencent and Meituan for violating antitrust laws.

Prior to 2018, antitrust regulations were regulated by the State Council and overseen by three departments under the Department of Commerce. National Development and Reform Commission and former Industrial and Commercial Organization of the State

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