Téma: What are the flavors that the popcorn machine from Hommy contain?

There are more vending machines, thanks to technological advancements in technology, science, and economics. These machines are now everywhere in the first and second levels of cities. Fourth and third-tier logistics line city vending machine is also increasing. A lot of people who wish to engage in unmanned retail are in doubt. Are we too late to take part in retail that isn't manned? It's not that late. It's feasible. Presently, we are in the early stages in the growth of the business, and the future is very good.

What is the type of machine? Hommy is one of the most prominent producers of popcorn self-service machines in China. We have many stories to tell.

The market potential of popcorn is more than 90%, with more people like it, including children and women cashless popcorn vending machine concession stand. This is in direct response to the immense market demand for the product. The most recent survey results reveal that China's consumption per capita of popcorn is just 1.1 liters, the average consumption of Europeans is seven liters, and that of Americans is as high as 15 Liters cashless popcorn vending machine theater. The per-capita consumption in China of popcorn is expected to increase to 6 liters over the next five year. Once China is the world's biggest producer and retailer of popcorn in the next five years, the demand for popcorn will be soaring.

Hommy's self-service popcorn machine has the advantages of green environmental protection heating preservation, energy saving, health and luxury efficient and speedy as well as time-saving and labor-saving the highest production rate, and many more. It is the most ideal and sophisticated popcorn making equipment. You are welcome to inquire!