Téma: Geometry Dash's revenue has soared to $21 million after only five year

According to Sensor Tower's Store Intelligence estimations, Geometry Dash, a 2013 platformer from RobTop Games, has now topped $21 million in gross revenue.

The majority of this money comes from North American athletes. The United States accounts for 49 percent of income ($10.5 million), with Canadian customers accounting for 6.7 percent ($1.4 million).
In August, Geometry Dash earned $216,000, compared to $257,000 in August of the previous year.
Geometry Dash's estimated 242 million downloads were likewise largely attributed to Western countries. The United States and Mexico account for almost a third of all App Store and Google Play downloads.
Note: Since its original publication, this post has been amended to reflect numbers as they appeared on the Store Intelligence platform. Growth rates and totals remain unchanged.

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Spannbauer, Adam

Strategist for Mobile Insights

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