Téma: Why is David Beckham so popular?

The reason for his popularity is clearly seen in his hard work. David Beckham was born in 1975 ad in young age joined football club. His skills were polished when he practiced with Manchester united and club did let him play on his own level of skills. As he made progress he became the star of Manchester united club because of his talent on football field. His style and his looks were imitated like David Beckham Quilted jacket got so much popularity. The craze of fans following his footsteps was very much on everybody minds. When he got married to super star Victoria Beckham he also got recognition because of her fan following from spice girls. People acknowledge this couple as the power couple with great loving family. These are all reasons for his truthful success in football and after his journey in his life.


Válasz: Why is David Beckham so popular?

He is so handsome and fashion. word to pdf